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    Who are we?

    GetMyGradJob was created by students from universities across the UK. Between us we’ve applied for over one hundred jobs, had a crazy number of interviews, been told we’re ‘too nice’ for opportunities and been bounced from website to website just to type out our CV (all over again). We really know what it is like – that’s why we thought we could make it better.

    By working with the UKs leading early talent organisation, we could combine our experience with their analytics, data and technologies to make it easy. See how we help employers hire the best talent.

    We have been in your shoes, and we want to help you find the job you've worked so hard for. That’s why we have made sure everything is personalised to you, you’re not just a degree.

    GetMyGradJob was created by students from universities across the UK.

    What's so special about the GetMyGradJob Community?

    1. Search every graduate opportunity job in the UK

    Being bounced from site to site is not fun. Our tech genius’ have found every opportunity that you could do and put it all in one place.

    2. Manage Your Applications

    The dreaded spreadsheet should have stayed at school. We’ve put together application dashboard, so you can track it there!

    3. Apply from one place

    Where we can, we’ve taken out as many webpages as possible. Many graduate jobs will require you to apply on their site, but we’ll try and work around it.

    4. Get Advice & Tips

    We speak to graduates,employers, recruiters and universities every day to get all the advice and tips you need so you’re never left in the dark.

    5. Upload multiple CVs

    You might be applying to different types of jobs and you’ll have a different CV for each role. We’ll let you choose what CV to send.

    6. Everything is curated for you

    We won’t send you any old graduate job. We have spent hours curating content that is 100% percent personalised to what you tell us.

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